• 2 weeks ago


I’m free. I do whatever I want, nothing I dont, and as an fyi, a woman who doesnt need you for superficial shit but still likes you, is real.

Dude if you are raking in a boat load of money and you flaunt it arond thinking your gonna score big, you might, but you gotta question if she likes you, or other things because once the novelty wears off, say for example you’re rich, alright looking, but you have exactly zero sex appeal and a gut that makes you look pregnant. You were basically a snot nosed geek dork who stinks in high school, but your nerdyness made you rich. Eventually, once you get used to each other, and you’re married so its pretty much over in caertain aspects for you anyway, eventually shes gonna be looking elsewhere to satisfy certain things. You might be too. You get mixed up with the wrong bitch shell try to kill you for insurance.

So whats the point? Why not just do your own thing and use each other for sex and companionship and leave it at that? Why does there need to be cohabitation and kids, and fucking marriage (a fucking emabarasment and a hassle) anyway? A wedding sounds like a shitty way to spend a day to me. It doesnt sound like fun especially if you hate her family or your own family, her fucking idiot friends or something. Fuck that shit.

I always find that funny when people get abgry at that way of seeing things. Its like who the fuck are you? Are you some big executive who can “take care of everything” but unfortunately she actually love the other guy who thinks like above? Thats called love, man. Thats the real shit. Cant be bought.

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