• 1 week ago

I posted my nudes to twitter because i was feeling really low about myself, and in a fucked up way, it made me feel wanted. I obviously regret it. I’m a minor too. I deleted it all, and I haven’t done anything like that in a while. I also hooked up with older men on grindr and snuck out the house. I got really scared because I had unprotected sex, and convinced myself I had HIV. I got tested, and it was negative. Thank god. I can not and will not talk about this to anyone, and this is serving as me coming clean about everything. I am moving on. I will be a successful actor, and will he happy about it. I’m not going to worry about “WHAT IF I GET EXPOSED” because I’m in high school now, and I will not be working pressionally until after college. So much tome would have passed, and the pictures I posted were me when I was a minor anyway, if they are spread, it’s child porn, so technically I am protected. Obviously if someone doesn’t know i’m underage and shares it, that’s different, but still, that isn’t going to happen. God has forgiven me and I am now going to forgive myself and move on with the rest of my life. This will not be a stressful thing that I continue to think about. I love you anonymous- from anonymous.

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