• 7 months ago

Do you care A, or is that an act?

Do you have an pictures of me from back then? I have none of you. It kind of breaks my heart, but anyway, I wamt you to go look at that kid. Do you care for real? Is there a chance? If the answer to the last one is no, let it be, stop toying, you really are making shit wprse for me mentally. It brings me down to a place I dont really want to be. Its the place that I have learned comes from opening yourself up to people and letting thek get close to you. People are shit. It took me 40 years to realize that, but people in general are shit. Are you shit? The sad part is you probably are and there’s quite a few reasons why we are never going to see each ther again right? So if you know its impossible wlfor whatever reason and I have no faith in you or anyome else for that matter, suck it up, enjoy your life and do me a favor and dont stir up shit inside me that I would rather leave behind if its more of a pain than feel good because you are bored or unhappy with your current situation. These were your choices I har nothing to do with it, I just need to live with it (like you) and I do an alright job with it if people would just leave me alone and out of their lives. Its not like Im out there lokking and trying to cauwe problems. I do what I need to do to make myself feel better and those things might not even involve other people. You get my point though. Show me, or shut up about it. Really