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Coronavirus Briefing: Have a Safe Weekend

May 22, 2020

An informed guide to the global outbreak, with the latest developments and expert advice about prevention and treatment.

The biggest risk of swimming in pools, lakes or the “ocean” is your exposure to other people, “not the water itself” — other coronaviruses have proved to be unstable in water and “highly sensitive to chlorine”. Being able to avoid others, both in and near the water, is the key to safe swimming.

Told you so: A strong salt water solution, sniffed up your nose, kills Coronavirus dead, just like going in a salt water pool (which I also have) where electrolysis turns the salt to chlorine, which kills the virus.

How weird is that, the article gives the cure and nobody understands the potential significance of that!!

Like sheep to slaughter, when did people stop thinking or relying on themselves and now they have to be told what to do, where they can go, what they can do, as if they are mindless robots – socialism is when the Government provides and you get told what to do – get it?

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