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Speculation, nothing more OK: The system where we worked for the money we were paid to buy the things that we needed to live and survive, just won’t work anymore, if people can’t work because of the Chinese virus, take Trump for example, he is going to spend Trillions to boost the American economy, bearing in mind that when he was re-elected president, America was bankrupt and all Public Servants were put on holiday over the Christmas Break, because there was not enough money to pay for their wages – and that was what, one year ago – so where is Trump going to get Trillions to jump start the American economy now?
By the same token, if everyone has to stay in their homes for the next 2 years to stop the Chinese Virus from killing everyone off, then Trump’s stimulation package is going to be as dead in the water as the next Bond movie, said to be released in the next few weeks – if nobody can get to see it, because of the isolation restrictions in place now.
For money to be spent, there has to be somewhere where it comes from, otherwise it is just useless paper and the system we have now, relies on the value of that paper money, but if nobody has got it to give away, with no expectation of ever getting it back, then money is as worthless as the paper it is printed on.
Our system relies on money, but if money cannot sustain its purpose, because nobody can work, probably for years, if not forever again, then a different system has to be put in place, where money and how much you have in the bank or what you have purchased, no longer has any value and a new system has to take over from the old one and perhaps make it a level playing field for everyone, irrespective of if they are super wealthy or super poor, where the criteria is not about wealth, but having food in your tummy on a regular basis, a roof over your heads and nothing which is not considered essential, now just last lifetimes garbage – like the wealth and property the Saudis have not being worth anything to anyone, if the monetary value, no longer exists, or the demand for the supply of their oil if there is no longer any demand for it.
Add to that, the number of people who die from the Chinese virus and there are probably going to be a lot more empty homes to be available for those who survive it and for that matter, a lot less demand on essential services, when there is no one to use them, or be able to deliver them, because they have been wiped out by the virus, if not this time around, then the next time around by the next mutated Chinese virus.
If I were an alien and I wanted to take over this planet for my own kind, then what better way to do that, than to infect the humans here and after they have all died, from my virus, then I could replace them all with my kind and there would be nothing they could do, to stop me.
So, if money ceases to exist in our societies and wealth and assets have no financial value, then the new system has to provide employment for those who want it, but provide the necessities of life for everyone else, without any monetary factor whatsoever.
Interesting to see where that takes us and where we will be in one years time, bearing in mind that there won’t be any more self run businesses which rely on individual people to provide daily financial income, less demand for cars and petrol and much else, if you can’t go anywhere anyway, no more need for planes or ships or pretty much everything humans transport wise, apart from essential support services and perhaps society as we know it – unless whatever we employ is not affected by illness or disease, like computers, robotics and machinery which replaces humans, works tirelessly forever and does not need food, sleep or payment of any kind – and lets face it, we have the technology, it just has not been put in place – yet.
Perhaps “now” would be a good time to replace humans with technology and if there is nothing to benefit anyone from its use, then wealth is a word from the past and would have no meaning in our future – and oh, what a wonderful world that would be – nobody better than me, or worse than me. Yes!!
As I said at the beginning, this is just my speculation and nothing I have suggested above will or won’t come into affect, but still, these are interesting times, long may they last.
If you are married, in a relationship and just plain bored with nothing to do, my suggestion to lucky you, is to go back to the grass roots of your relationship and start fucking each other like there is no tomorrow, as indeed, there might not be.
If you are single and house bound, then go on the internet and question in Google whatever sexually turns you on and download as much free porn as you can and save it to 2TB hard drives and wank yourself or masturbate yourself off as often as you can, as each orgasm might be your last and what a way to go.
Use JDownloader, which is free to do that – just set up and leave and it will do the rest!!
Anything else, I’m game, so tell us all here so we can all join in the fun and make for a better life, while we can, since with isolation and all, there won’t be much else.

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