• 3 months ago

Can anyone tell me why getting nudes is AT ALL better than fucking a girl? Like I get it, maybe girls have an easier time finding a dude to bang in general but fuck the amount of guys who would rather cum in their hand than come fuck, it’s gonna kill me. Yeah sure, I guess masturbating is convenient but I just end up horny like 5 minutes later. Maybe dudes don’t feel the same but as a female who’s natural sex drive has finally been restored (I got 3 ((2 matter)) meds that one decreases sex drive but the other increased sex drive to before essentially) I don’t wanna masturbate, I want to fuck. Most of my interest in sex is the kinaesthetic feel. I want a body on mine. I am a super sub. Like ranging from bratty sub to full sub, I will be anything you want. If I masturbate, I just does not hit the spot. I need somebody to engulf me.

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