• 7 months ago

Speaking of cringeworthy. Listening to young women wearing hijabs saying if you wear a hijab you can still be cool and hip. Their clothes all look the same. Fashion choices are restricted so they all slather on makeup and wear heels like Western hookers. It should be no surprise the latest “modest model” the media are pushing is black and not just black but a Somali plucked from a refugee camp. Her comments claiming it’s not a religious item but a style item are swallowed up eagerly by an incritical media for who she can do no wrong. You can just count all the gold stars being earned can’t you? In the same week a Sharia marriage was found unlawful. Islamic sex offenders are still a problem. The Middle-East still won’t accept their own refugees for wars they started. The Arab who got droned was the only Arab who didn’t look like a hairy fat lipped slobbering fish face. Most of their women look like an obese pile of laundary. Yet, one single model is lucked out of this litter of shithole countries and waved around like the madonna herself. Where is the line between tolerance and cultural invasion to be drawn? The line between diversity and Darwinian erasure? Understanding and stone age ignorance? Civilisation and racism?

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