• 8 months ago

I want to be free. I have a noose around my neck. I waited in line for half an hour to speak to someone on the suicide prevention chat line and once it was my turn, my internet dropped me and I lost my place in line. Now the line is twice as long. No one will ever be there for me. Im starting to think I cannot get help. I want to die. I want to just lean into this cord noose until I stop breathing forever. I’ve lost everything. My home, my relationships, my career, and even my dog is dying. I’ve lost everything. I’m ready to die. I have PTSD and chronic lifelong depression. I’ve never known anything else. My mother used to beat the shit out of me with a 2×4. My life is hell.
i cut my wrists to ribbons.
I am homeless.
I am poor.
I am a targeted minority.
I am transgender.
I am miserable.
I want to die.
The world is already ruined, my generation has a grim future, and my government and culture are trying to erase me and criminalize my existence. I hate this world.
I want to leave it.
I hate my species.
I want to end it.
Bigots and I have at least one thing in common: We both wish I had never been born.

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