• 6 months ago

The summer I turned 13 my parents allowed me to stay home without a babysitter. Which was awesome. Before I go any further, I lived in a small safe community. So my parents never really locked our front door. Anyways, one summer morning I slept in. Didn’t eat breakfast with the fam before they went to work. I came out of my room around 10am? Little fuzzy on that. Anyways, I wanted to make sure everyone was gone because I had intended to do what every 13 year old boy does when they’re absolutely alone. Touch myself to some pron. so I went to the landing and opened the door to peak out at the drive way. Whilst I’m doing that, out of the corner of my eye I spot a middle aged man making a beeline for my front door at a rapid pace. Not full on running but sinisterly walking really fast in my direction. I had never seen this man before, and my town is exceptionally small. So immediately I knew something was off and I slammed my front door shut and locked both locks. And I sat down under the window of the door. This man came up and tried ripping my door down. Then tried kicking it open. At this point I ran upstairs opened the second floor window and started screaming help/rape at the top of my lungs. The man took off running. I immediately called my dad. He didn’t answer. Called my mom she didn’t answer. So with no one else to call I called 911. I informed them that this man tried to break my door down and gave as close of a description as a scared shitless 13 year old could. They told me that they would send some patrol cars to patrol the area for the guy and would send one to my house to make sure he didn’t come back. When my parents got home and saw the cops they thought I had done something. I had to explain to them that because they didn’t answer my calls I called the cops because of what happened. They then chastised me for lying and causing a scene. Which started a whole fiasco which ended with me being grounded and me never trusting my parents again. Because they still don’t believe me that someone almost broke into our house and that I thwarted his actions.

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