• 6 months ago

To: I am done with everything, and I have been for years. Don’t worry, I am not planning anything harmful towards myself or others,
Me: Wow, some confession – I understand where you are at and I can provide you with an easy and quick solution to all of your problems.
You need to see your doctor and get put on anti depression tablets.
Once they are in your system (about 3 weeks), all of the negative issues you are having difficulty dealing with and have these past 9 years or so, will simply go away, your mind will be much clearer and you should be able to study for your Masters without any of the emotions which have been conflicting you.
I don’t have any faith in Psych’s because they can only see you from the outside, whereas only you can see you, from the inside and if you can’t convey to the Psych what your feelings are, or they don’t understand your point of view, then you are never going to get the help you need, because the help you need is a medicine help, not an emotional suggestions help, at all.
I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there myself.
I will also give you sound advice on how to get off anti depressive tablets, because I’ve done it successfully in my past and what worked for me, will work for you too, if ever you want too.
You must NEVER go cold turkey, because if you do, you might fuck your mind up big time and you might even become suicidal.
You must reduce your tablets by 1/4 of a tablet each week, until you have removed the anti depressant medication out of your body.
No other way is possible, however, I have been on anti depressive tablets for going on 20 years and I love the feelings of safety and security and clarity of mind they provide me with, where before my mind and my life were a mess, pretty much as your is now.
Best Wishes………….

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