• 6 months ago

Read if you want to see my rant about love..

It took countless and pointless relationships to finally find someone who is truly worth everything. I’m so in love with him, he reminds me why I love him everyday. My past relationships would end badly, i always blamed myself or say I’d never find love after, that is not the case. I will always believe in true love, i never have before him. I always thought that I was in love with who I dated, i realize that I had no clue about what it’s really about. Until you find that person that makes you feel that way, you don’t even understand half of it. He’s everything I’ve been lacking in my life, he’s the most important thing that I look forward to everyday. And it’s amazing because he feels the same way. With a connection like that, nothing will stop us. Even IF it doesn’t work out, honestly I’m just so damn happy that I even met him. Would you like me to write more? I could go on and on..

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