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To: About a year ago I did horribly in a writing competition. Me: Every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end with direction throughout, so that your readers don’t get lost in whatever story you are trying to tell them, so know your subject inside out and start off with a rough idea of the 3 steps, what the beginning or introduction will be about, then encompass it in the middle and in the end, give a conclusion, which hopefully, nobody saw coming. Then write the story. Spelling and pronunciation are very important, so read over whatever you have written and get those all corrected, so that whatever you hand in, is the very best of what you can do. Use a PC to write on, with a Word Processor which checks your spelling as you type and underlines in red, any mistakes. You should look at, not winning the writing competition, as a challenge. Remember there was only one winner and a lot of losers, just like you, who felt just the same as you do. You were not alone in that. You have become complacent and that let you down in the writing competition. In life, there are many times when we don’t get the result we hoped for. The name of the game is to get back on your feet and keep trying, until you are on top of your game again. Don’t give up, simply because you lost. Do what brings you pleasure in life and if that is writing, then write and every time you don’t win, get back on your feet and write again until you are the very best at what you do and you have earned the right to be the best. Nothing worth while comes easy and the more you have to fight to succeed, the sweeter the success when you do eventually win through and be first, as you will. Shit happens. Discard shit and move on and keep going, no matter what.
I once won a writing competition. I chose the Coelacanth fish as my subject. You can read about it in Wiki. What won my competition was that I wrote about something which was different and I knew my subject inside out and the way I wrote about “my” fish was so unconventional, that, as luck would have it, I won the competition, when I was still a kid in school.
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