• 7 months ago

To: I haven’t been able to focus much, Me: Re: I permanently deleted most of my files on my phone- my pictures, downloads, hard work, writings and my art. It’s gone. You can easily recover everything, because although you deleted it, it is still there, you just can’t see it in the menu. If you connect the iPhone to your PC, so that you have a connection between the two and your PC can see your iPhones hard drive, or memory card or chip, then using Magoshare Data Recovery Enterprise, which you can find at warezworm, you can recover everything on your iPhones hard drive and by that I mean everything, you just decide what you want to save and direct that to a place or folder on your PC and hey presto, it’s all back again and you can use your programs to use the stuff, just like it was never deleted in the first place. I know, because this is the only program I tried of many, that recovered everything from a hard drive which I had mistakenly formatted and there was other stuff I don’t ever recall putting on it too – magic!! Just let the program do its full cycle, which can take hours, but it’s worth it afterwards.
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