• 7 months ago

And you should know by now with me, in case your interested, honestly, I think what I need to see from her as a person, I think it sometimes gets lost in all the bullshit, this is not about me proving anything to her. She had no wrong done to her at all, all she did was gain out of it, but right now, at this point IF she wanted anything to do with me, she knows exactly everything I want and don’t want. Its tall. There is a lot of shit I would absolutely expect, and with no more chances. There’s no real give. 1 strike and I know her she would play dumb, she doesn’t know, she knows everything I expect, its a lot and needs to be hit from quite a few angles, for me to even just to open the door. Right now, I see her anywhere, I turn and walk away or keep going like I never knew her. Or I run. If I’m in a car, I keep going. TROUBLE. The thing in the back of my mind though, anjd will always be there, no 1 man can keep her happy. It’s part of her personality, I will give her that, she is sort of magnetic with her personality and there is no “no” with her at least once. That’s the way I see her. I imagine her with literally guys all over the world and like 5-10 of them in a few cities in this country. And I KNOW for a fact some of those guys are not ever getting let go of.

She’s one of those chicks I have no faith, but in reality she’s not wrong. She should be able to do whatever it is she wants except if it’s bring problems to someone, like me, what it comes down to is we are just wrong for each other. I know women now and have known women who I absolutely trust. The problem is not me, it’s just the way she lives her life. But if she professed her undying love and she truly changed in many ways for the better, given our history, she could surprise me, I might be open for the sake.

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