• 6 months ago

To: I been lying about being a female for six-seven months over the internet. Me: Being a Catfish and scamming a man on line by pretending to be a female has its drawbacks if you ever allow yourself to fall in love, with, as it turns out, another guy, especially if you have conned him into thinking you are a woman. This one has come back to bite you. I can’t say you don’t deserve it, because you do. I am sorry for the devastating effect you are going to have on him, when you tell him, as indeed you must, that you are a male, that you Catfished him into thinking you were a woman and that it went too far and now you are in love with him, as much as he is with you. All you can hope is that he is into men and would be happy to be with you in a relationship, but if so, you had better get some practice in with your ass hole, fucking a toilet brush up your back passage, because as a female-man and him being a man-man the only way he is ever going to be able to fuck you, is up your ass hole, just like Elton John gets screwed by his husband and probably why he can sing the upper notes as well as he can!! Serves you right guy!! Bad Luck to you and learn from the lesson taught here. Be honest in your online relationships to avoid the same thing happening again and take whatever punishment he hands out, as your justly deserved punishment.

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