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To: Today I cried 4: (17.11.19) I had an exam today and it went horribly. Me: Don’t be so tough on yourself. Shit happens. I used to study and it was hell for me, just the same as it is for you. You could memorize strings of answers to a particular topic, which has multiple parts to it, by putting each of the letters at the beginning of each answer, into a word, which makes no sense, except to you and then when you find the question in the exam, all you have to do is recall the word you made up to answer each question fully and correctly. It is much easier to remember the words you made up than the answers themselves, which you would recall from memory, once you had written the word down – to recall the strings. I hope that made sense. Example. From the blurb above = D(on’t)S(hit) I A(ll) I(t)T(o)I E(xample) F(From) = DSIATIEF
Next thing. I found it impossible to study sitting up. I just could not get anything to stay in. However, when I lay down on my bed, I could absorb everything and I had instant recall, with my funny words above and what they meant, at the exam times and I did pretty good.
Last thing. Don’t try and cram anything at the doors of the exam room. If you have got it in your memory, it will all come out, when you recall it in the exam. Trying to cram, at the last hour or minute, does not work and is even more confusing.
The purpose of any exam is to test you and see if you understand the concepts of what you have been taught, by example, to clearly show that you have an understanding, not of the concepts themselves, but how you apply them.
Have a good nights sleep before an exam. Don’t watch TV until late. Keep your mind as focused as possible on the exam and don’t be distracted by irrelevant issues, until after the exam and it does not matter anymore.
Finally, Good Luck and Best Wishes………I trained to be a teacher for several years, but teaching was not the path I wanted to pursue in the end and I never became a teacher.

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