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To: I’m going to hell, and here’s why. Me: There are 2 viewpoints. Society would judge you harshly for what you did, if ever it came out, because you crossed the line between Carer and lover. On the other hand, I have worked with people like those you describe in a similar environment, many years ago, where I was doing a supervised practice for the course I was studying at University and I thought I might wish to become a Carer, such as you describe, however my career choices led me elsewhere and that never happened.
I knew a couple of blind women and unlike sighted people, they were in to all forms of sex, especially those forms where they experienced the whole gamut of feelings and pain and fisting, because, for them, they saw with their bodies, because being 100% blind from birth, they did not understand what sight was. The places you go to and the clients you care for would give me nightmares, if I tried to compare my feelings and lifestyle with the facts of their environent and for want of a better word, supervised captivity. Not only do you need a strong stomach, but you have to turn off your feelings to remain sane.
Those clients don’t have much of a life, especially those in the locked wards, who wear crash helmets to stop them from committing suicide when they stand up and do a running dive into the opposite wall, head first……
The point here is that they don’t have much of a life and anything you can do to make that life more enjoyable for them has to be a plus, even if that crosses some of the lines between decency and Client patient relationships, as long as you don’t hurt them and they get pleasures that would otherwise be unknown to them.
So one school of thought might be limited approval and one school of thought would be horror and disgust and severe punishment if you are caught in any inappropriate behaviour between Carer and Client.
Is the risk worth the popssibility of being caught?

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