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To: Can women tell me how wet they gotten when turned on and what it feels like for you. Me: I’m a male like you and I can tell you a few things about women, from my own sexual experiences with them. I used to be a toy boy for older women, often 25 years older than me, who had gone through change of life, never had an orgasm, when they had sex and did not know what an orgasm was, until I gave them many…….My present female companion had been married twice, had 2 kids and until she met me, never had an orgasm, now, tits alone, I can give her many, but she is hugely obese and not to my taste at all, so I don’t bother.
With men, well, we cum once and that’s about it for a few hours until we work up some more spunk and can shoot another load. Women, however, are very different to us. You know what it feels like when you hold yourself back from cumming, for as long as you can and then when you do shoot your load, you feel like the ends of your fingers are tingling and you pass out shortly afterwards in what I call “the thunderbolt” and sleep for a bit, awakening absolutely clapped out. Well, it’s like that with women, however, unlike us they can cum up to 100 times, one after the other and for a period of around 3 hours of groaning or screaming orgasms – what I call playing them like a piano and I have described some of my techniques today, in one of my other posts, so it is worth your while to copy and paste that information into your Word Processor and apply it, whenever you get the chance with any female, to get a form of wonder from them, that they can’t get anywhere else. They cum easily, if you start off sucking gently around their tit, where it meets their chest, again as I have mentioned, below. You can get them to orgasm without needing to finger them and they will be wet when you do. The best place to masturbate them is at the top of their inner lips. You will feel a nub there. Just rub the nub as quickly as you like and they just cum and cum, before you go down to their cunt hole and carry on there. If you put their needs ahead of your own, they will do practically anything for you afterwards. Even anal sex, which for a man is 100% better, feelings wise, than cunt sex, which is more mind and less feeling. When women cum, they can drip liquid, they put out so much lubricant for the male prick. If you rub their G spot, they can gush. Although I’ve not experienced it myself, they gush a clear liquid and they are not aware they have, because the feelings for them are really intense, but only from the G spot. If you do get to orgasm a woman up to 100 times and she passes out, cuddle her from behind, while she sleeps and when she awakens, lightly run a hand slowly over her back, just off the skin to stroke her fine body hair and when you find a sensitive spot, slowly move your hand in a circular motion over that spot and she will continue to orgasm uncontrollably and when the sensitivity goes, move on to the next spot and do the same there, progressively downwards and especially around her ass cheeks and the backs of her legs – don’t touch her sexual areas (breasts, cunt, at all) and she will orgasm and orgasm uncontrollably, so that when she can’t take it any more, when she asks you to stop, stop – and then put a finger on her ear and she will orgasm, or any other part of her body and it is a remarkable thing to see – the best women are the nymphomaniacs because they never get enough sex until you. When they put clothing on afterwards, wherever the garments touch, they orgasm, so even walking is for them, a sexual high. A woman, all up, can orgasm up to 150 – 200 times combined in one session, as I mention, above and in my other blurb, lower down this page and each orgasm is as intense as one orgasm is for us men – so if you can imagine what that would feel like, well, for us men, unfortunately, it’s indescribable and for a woman, better than life itself. Literally blow your, or their, mind in the best and most loving way. Gay or not.
Best Wishes…………

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