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To: I wonder if this makes sense. My parents used to be very successful in China. Me: Your sexual preferences might change as you get older. Girls always have a liking for other girls to begin with, but that changes when their hormones start bouncing around and their bodies need something more. If you remain Gay, you don’t have to tell your parents, just don’t get married, or have an arranged marriage with a man who, like you is Gay, but has to keep up appearances, so that he too, does not upset his parents either. You could have a private but open relationship, where you both date your ideal partners, without either parents finding out which way your respective sexuality is. You could adopt children, so that you meet the requirements of your parents, without causing them any concern or upset. Will your parents arrange a marriage for you, in the old way, or do you make that choice yourself. If they make that choice for you, you probably won’t have any choice but to play along as your mother probably had to with your father and many other arranged marriages never take the sexuality of the bride and groom into consideration and they never have. You have to conform to a standard and in that you have no choice. I wrote a reply, earlier today, about templates and the life you choose and how you wish to be seen in it, is just a play – as Shakespeare once said “All the world’s a stage and all of the men and women merely players, we have our exits and our entrances” and you need to expand that by understanding how to do that – so look down today, for that post, to see what to do. You are fortunate to have parents who can spend lots of time doing nothing much. I’ve been like that myself, these past 22 years and I’ve got doing the least possible in the most amount of time, down to a fine art – I’m financially secure and life is great, although I have a female live in companion now for company, but not sex (sigh). Be who you want to be, but remain private and keep your sexuality a closely guarded secret, from everyone and if you do enter into a Gay relationship, be careful not to give the game away to your parents or family. You seem to be very gifted and I hope you have a great and enjoyable life. Be thankful you are not like your friends whose parent has to work to provide for them. That life sucks and it is a form of slavery, from which few escape, because you have to work, to earn, to survive and keep life rolling along, somehow, while the people who employ you get richer off the sweat from your brow and the hours you have to work to survive, like a mouse on a turning wheel, never getting anywhere, no matter how fast it runs.
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