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To: I recently discovered that my best orgasms come from my clit. Me: Actually there are other places on and in your cunt, which can drive you wild. If you have a vibrator, try this. Pull your inner lips out and massage them out as much as you can with petroleum jelly (use lots of petroleum jelly because you need lots of greasy lubrication so that you don’t rub sores into your lips and put you off), then take your vibrator and place a finger on one side of the extended inner lip and your vibrator (ideally a hard one about 6 inches long which takes 2 x “C” batteries on the other side, with new batteries and turned to highest speed. Now feel along the lip until you find the engorged vein in your lips. There are 2 veins in each lip, one towards the top and one towards the bottom on each side, so it does not matter if you are left handed or right. When you find the vein, keep the vibrator on it for as long as possible, with a finger on the raised vein on one side and the vibrator on the other, so your inner lip is sandwiched between your finger and your vibrating vibrator. You can have upwards of 100 orgasms, one after the other, for about 3 hours, after which you will pass out from sheer delight and pleasure, s;eep and awaken, thoroughly worn out, sexually. It helps if you can get someone else to do it to you, but you can do it to yourself and vary the pressure, so that you get the best feelings. You will probably groan or scream, depending on how the sensations drive you, ever upwards. Ideally, only do this once a week, because otherwise you will stretch all of your chest muscles and you will feel like you are about to have a heart attack and if you are rushed to hospital, because of that, you might feel an idiot having to explain how all of your chest muscles have been stretched like that.
If you put your finger in your cunt hole, the upper side, or lower, it has been some time since I’ve done it with a woman, you will find a soft raised pad just inside the mouth of your cunt hole. Gently rub that for orgasms. When you put your finger further in, you will feel a join (so it seems) on the upper wall of your cunt. That is where your G Spot is. Gently rub a finger along the crease, backwards and forwards, to get the best feeling and an indescribable orgasm and you might gush clear fluid, not pee, so keep a towel handy to clean up afterwards, if you do and if you can reach right through to the other side, with your finger, you will find another pad there, which again, if rubbed, will orgasm you again and again.
Where you tits meet your chest are lots of nerve endings and if you get your lover to suck and kiss around there, in foreplay, you will have orgasms, without needing any finger rubbing on your cunt at all. The best feeling is sucking and kissing and then moving up to your nipple as you start to cum and sucking and gently biting the nipple, for the best orgasmic results, or using a vibrator where your tits join your chest and pinching your nipples as you start to orgasm..
I’m a male and these were some of the techniques I used to make me a desirable lover for older women, when I was their toyboy and I was really good at my skills, but I loved fucking them and I was a desired male, for the skills that I had and the reputation I had too and I miss the opportunity of being able to do it as often as I’d like now – age being what it is……..
Best Wishes………..

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