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To: I’m a mixed race female and i’m having a major identity crisis. Me: I’m an all white male and I was born in England and lived there until I was 24 before leaving to live overseas, never to return. You can have my place there. I have always considered people of mixed races to be more beautiful than just one colour or race. Somehow, your mixed race aspect brings out the more beautiful of you from both races and I have no doubt you are a snasher to look at, from my perspective. With regards to race. My mother was a Jewess and my father a Christian and according to convention, the child takes the birth ancestry of the mother, so I was automatically a Jew, however, I was shunned by both the Jewish and Christian religions and to all intents and purposes I was a Jewish Christian with acceptance from neither religion, if I let my ancestry be known – a white black man – like you profess to be, but female, given your racial background.
Let me put that into some perspective. Mixed colour raced people are accepted within society today, much better than Jewish Christians like me. You won life’s lottery by being born from the sperm which made it to yor mother’s egg and fertilized it at just the right moment – 1 billion other sperm, did not make it and died at that moment of your conception. You have been given the Miracle of the life which you enjoy. Issues of your colour, or how you perceive you look, or want to be, are really pointless in the scheme of things and at least you have a built in sun tan, which white white’s never get and I’d give my left testicle to be born of a mixed colour with family on both sides of the black white equation and never a Jew Christian as I’ve been all of my life thus far. Be thankful and proud of who you are and what you look like – how lucky and fortunate you are. Don’t be concerned about things of so little importance in the scheme of things. Let other people decide if they want to be with you or not and have a long and great life, with, if that’s what you want. lots of kids to carry on your birth line and his and be very thankful of your life, because we are a long time dead, as I am fond of saying don’t be bothered about things which you can’t change, any more than I could, or wanted to.
Best Wishes……………………

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