• 8 months ago

When I was child, I wanted to become a labor lawyer to help people aganist bad boss and evil state,bad employers and people who abuse workers by making them work grueling hours and have them do work contracts that contain too many tasks for one person. I realized It when I have seen my mother destroyed by the work and she not had enought time to stay with me during my infancy because her boss was a dickhead that would deserve to be in jail fo what he maded to him operators , he had them do things that the cleaning companies should do beause him operators work is to keep safe the chieldrens in the school. But he did so only to save money which he then made disappear and shared with other workers his friends
The truth I am studyng Engyneering and now I am thinking that I am doing this only because If I study laww it wil be hard or impossible find a work and live.
This is my painful Truth.

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