• 8 months ago

I was tied up and wanked to near insanity, by two older brothers where I was fostered. It felt so good, I pretended to hate it, knowing that bullies that they were, this would just make them inflict it even more! Their mother was an alcoholic, and stayed pretty much in her own room, so they had a free hand for their nastiness. Then someone put them on to oral sex, and they couldn’t wait to inflict that on me too. At first I hated it, then gradually came to really love it, especially when they were tormenting me manually, too. She let them lock the door on their room, so they were able to pretty much do anything they wanted without fear of consequences… I feigned reluctance all the time, and reveled in their limitless dominance and cruelty, as they thought I hated it…this lasted from age thirteen, to age eighteen, and once out in the world on my own, I felt the need to look for a substitute, which turned out to be my first boss, who somehow recognized my need, and forced it upon me all over again, to my delight, and feigned dislike. Now all this has been an ever-escalating part of my life, and now includes total-enclosure rubber bondage, which he is heavily into. Turns out I really love that too, and spend about fifty hours a week, on average, sheathed in rubber from head to foot, with only a small airtight nylon zipper across my mouth, and two tiny air-holes right over it. Thus confined, I allow him to satisfy himself with me, in whatever ways he wants to pursue, with never a hint of a consequence, except his need for prolonged and constant orgasms.

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