• 9 months ago

I need some people to hear me out and comment some things to help me out a little bit… so there’s this girl that I’m dating over discord and she’s hot as fuck. We’re both 18 and so I accidentally sent her a pic of my last bf (I’m a bisexual male) which was srsly attractive. So then she asked if that was me, here’s where I fucked up, I said yes, and she started calling the dude in the pic attractive and whatnot, and now she’s asking me for more pics of myself and idk what to do, yes, I know I’m an actual fucking piece of shit for doing this to her, I just need to tell her the truth in a suttle way before she gets to attached to the fake me online… if she hasn’t already… Please don’t throw shade at me for doing this, I just need some advice

From 17 yr old girl:
Tbh man, I would be mad you sent
me someone elses picture… but it wouldn’t
be an instant hatred or anything.
If I liked you, I would talk to you
no matter what you looked like.
Personality is my go-to,
but if you keep lying about
how you look, then your personality
isn’t gonna be that great looking..>> and then
you have a bad looking personality
and possibly face as well. Honestly, personality
makes you attractive. So if you are not visually appealing
but I love your sense of humor, your looks go up
by like a thousand. SO STOP LYING TO THIS GIRL.
Not everyone is the same, but chances are, if she only
likes you for how you look than she wasn’t worth it anyways.
You need to just confess and make things right> good luck bro.

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