• 8 months ago

To: i (f18) finally lost my virginity. honestly it fucking hurt and was uncomfortable the whole time Me: It hurt because you were not sexually ready for him and your cunt was not properly lubricated and when he fucked you, there was no lubrication in there and that’s why it hurt so much. Next time, use a sex lubricant or use petroleum jelly which you can buy at a chemist or your local shops really cheap. Get some on your fingers and coat your cunt inside, with enough to provide good lubrication and you will be in a lot less pain. To stimulate you, get him to suck around your tits, where they meet your chest, there are lots of nerve endings there and that will really turn you on and when you start to orgasm, have him move his lips up to suck your hardened nipple – you will quickly get the idea. Have him masturbate the nub at the top of the opening of your inner cunt lips, pick up lubrication from your cunt, or use petroleum jelly. If he rubs that quickly, you will orgasm uncontrollably. Have him put one finger in you and feel around inside the upper wall of your cunt. There is a soft pad at the end, nearest the opening of your cunt, have him gently rub that to get you aroused. (It’s been a long time, since I last had a feel in my partners cunt, so if he can’t find the pad on the upper side, have him try and locate it on the lower side of your cunt hole) If he puts his finger in further, along the upper part of your cunt, he will feel an area where there seems to be a join, have him stroke that join with a finger and find the spot where it really turns you on, that is your G-Spot and afterwards, have him feel deeper into the upper side of your cunt, where he will feel another soft pad, which again he should gently rub, for your total pleasure and not his – before he fucks you, again. If you both work towards a mutual orgasm and at the same time, it will blow your socks off and be totally pleasurable for you both. Experiment yourself, with yourself, so you know what you like from what you don’t. No lubrication and it will hurt each time and eventually you won’t because the, what will become, conditioned pain, will put you off….
Best Wishes……………

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