• 8 months ago

To: I hate the person I am dating. I tried to break it of many times but he will not leave me alone. Me: you remind me of St.Nicholas and the dwarf he had on his shoulders, for many years. This boyfriend of yours is a Leach and he plays you against yourself to maintain his control over you and keep his relationship with you ongoing.
You have to detach him, no matter how hard that might be. If you own the home where you live, lock him out of it by changing the locks when he is at work and put out all of his possessions, so he has to remove them and himself when he comes home from work – and don’t let him in ever again. If you live together, but rent, move out when he is at work and move somewhere else, but don’t let on where that is and block him and all messages from him on your iPhone and go to different places to make new friends and a new social scene for yourself – places he would not go to. Finally be careful who you date and form a relationship with and make sure you don’t end up with someone else, just like him.
Best Wishes……………………

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