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Truth is your a bitch, you ruin everyones lies around you. You spread rumors of the people that care about you most and when someone tries to help you, you have such a bad attitude. You use your depression to act like a bitch. I know what depression feels like, lots of people know what depression feels like but they arent mean to others “because” of it. You’ve had depression for 5 years and at this point its your own fault. Whenever i try to get you help whenever i try to get the social worker to help you you just tell them that everything is fine. Well its not. You’re ruining my high school experience as well as alot of other of your friends. The reason you dont have many close friends is cause you’re toxic. Whenever someone else makes a mistake you shame them for it and tell them to keep an open mind and make them the enemy. But everything you do is hypocritical. I get it, youre smart and a hard worker. You’ll probably get into uchicago. But you’re such a horrible person to be around. I spent so long worried about you and you dont even appreciate my efforts. If uchicago accepts you then you’ll only bring down their other students. Get your shit together then worry about getting into a top school. At the moment i hate you. I hate you i hate you i hate you. Because you’ve brought out the worst in me. You made my life full of drama, judgement, and hatred towards other people. I wish you never came to my school.

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