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Once my wife’s Uncle and Aunt were having some renovation work at their house. As the toilet and bathroom outlet fittings were being repaired they had to come over to our residence for the essential needs of the day. So after sunset they visited our residence for bathing purpose. As some groceries and goodies were to purchased wife and her Uncle left for the store in his vehicle leaving Aunt and myself at our residence. As they left she went to bathroom for bathing. As I heard the tap running I just peeped through the keyhole and watched her massive boobs and bulging pussy. But was little disappointed to see only little pubic hair. I had fantasied she may be have dark long thick pubic hair. Due to plumpness her clit was not visible. As she wore her underwear I had jerked off my self on to the tissue I had carried with me and rushed back to see the TV. While peeping you can feel the rush of blood to the brain and its awesome and thrilling adventure.

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