• 8 months ago

Gender is not mannerism you idiot. You’re mistaking gender for mannerism. Sex within the discussion of gender means male or female, read a book. There is no 3rd. You’ll notice that some trans people identify as a man or a woman because those are the only 2 options available, lol. Where is the 3rd? Trans people still have to put down the bio-sex they were born into, in medical forms or even in application forms in government related services because there are only 2 genders regardless of what their silly little feelings say. The application forms use the term sex and not gender because the trans community has successfully skewed the meaning of the term gender as your delusional ass has just displayed. Yes there are only two bio-sex but there are also only 2 genders (male & female) as aposed to several more mannerisms based off of (sexual orientation, personal feelings, surgical outcomes, mental illness, lol.) There are only 2 genders idiot. Penis, vagina. Where is the 3rd? WHERE IS THE MYTHICAL 3RD GENDER!!?? WHAT DOES IT DO!? “FEELINGS & SEXUAL PREFERENCES & MANNERISMS ARE GENDERS” LOL, NOT. YOU WISH DELUSIONAL IDIOT.

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