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To: I don’t believe most women in the work center when they claimed they were “raped” or allegedly “assaulted” been administratively dealing with these cases ..
Me: One other aspect of these accusations is this one – I have not shared it before, because I simply could not get my head around what happened to me and I have been unable to deal with it, until now:
The burden of proof lies with, if the “perpetrator” was resident in their home or place of work, when the incident was said to have occurred and if they were, irrespective of when the incident was said to have occurred, then the perpetrator is automatically Guilty and will be put in prison and punished accordingly, dependent on the accusers age at that time and if they were a minor, while the victim (now an adult) is paid a large sum in Compensation – money – as a result.
Been there done that.
When I was arrested by the Police and questioned, they used the Good Guy, Bad Guy approach. I said: I’d love to help you, but I have nothing to say at this time and I sat with my back to their hidden camera, so they could not get a video of my face. I was later charged with 12 counts, arrested and put in the Police holding cells.
I went before a local Circuit Judge in the morning to try and get bail and I put up $20,000 bond, based on my Superannuation as it stood then and I was released back into freedom on the basis that I visit the Cop Shop 3 times weekly and sign in, to show I had not done a runner and to remain out.
I went to the Cop Shop, on my way to work in the early mornings and that was that, until a female friend went Guarantor for me and the Cops dropped the Cop Shop visits.
However, lets get to the bone of the situation:
My accuser later admitted (while I was in prison) to a false identity by name, identity, status circumstances and false accusations, with the exception of one charge which the Jury at my trial found me Not Guilty of and I went to prison for 6 years for a person who did not exist and for accusations she later said, never occurred and there was nothing I could do to change my sentence, once it had been made, because the evidence I was provided from my accuser, while I was in prison, was 3rd party.
I contested my conviction when I was in prison, serving my time, using my free weekly stamp allowance. It went like this: I posted a letter to my victim, though the Compensation Commission and they posted a copy of my letter to my victim with a “please explain” request. So I was the 1st party, the Compensation Commission was the 2nd party and my victim was the 3rd party. When my victim replied to me, she was the 1st party, the Compensation Commission was the
2nd party and I was the 3rd party.
The Compensation Commission has a ruling from a District Court Judge that all 3rd party evidence cannot be submitted or used in any Court Of Law or used in any way to overturn a conviction and will be declared null and void, should that ever occur.
So the sentence stands, as does the 100% Perjury which my victim admitted to have perpetrated because she was 100% totally dishonest – in the opinion of a Lawyer, who read the letters which she provided and which I showed him, when I was 50% through my punishment.
The problem with lying, you see, is that you make allegations which don’t have any base to remember and draw from, so when I questioned aspects of my Trial which were not covered by my rotten Barrister, (who would not cross examine my accuser and allowed her to get away with 100% Perjury uncontested) my accuser could not remember what she had sworn under Oath to have said, or to the Police, on which my charges were based and on which my Conviction was based at Trial and she came up with other allegations, which did not coincide with the Court Typists Record of that evidence of what my accuser previously said at my Trial………
When I was released from prison, now years ago, I tried to get any Lawyer, Barrister to take my case, but they were all too busy, sick, or on holiday and nothing ever eventuated.
My victim bought a new home with the Compensation she was paid in her real identity Mrs X, same signature, different name, (I have a copy of those Deeds)
Usually, the accused ends up having to repay every cent paid out in Compensation, once they are released, but that never occurred with me. I never got the bill. Just as well!!
So in my case, I might just as well have gone to prison for my crimes against a female who arrived from Mars with her partner– husband, in an alien space ship which she parked, unnoticed, outside the Police Station and later the Crown Court while she made her accusations against me and then went off to buy a new spaceship to fly back to Mars in, with her longtime partner– husband, while I was punished in prison for 6 years for my crimes against this single female, who could not have the relationship she was having, because of me – a person who did not factually exist, or the accusations, which she later admitted never occurred (in signed dated letters and faxes from a Bank and in Banking hours, while she was at work) and on page 1 paragraph 1 of her Compensation Claim and for which, anyway, the Jury at my Trial found me Not Guilty on all other (4) similar charges, not the 1 she could still remember a few weeks after my Trial. (1 out of 12 altogether)
According to Social Media, my accuser died 7-8 years ago at roughly 34 – she was 25 when she went to the police and made accusations against me and 2 years into my punishment in prison she admitted she had been in a caring, loving relationship, leading to marriage with the same partner for years before she went to the Police and she was married to him by my Trial.
Not Miss Y and not single, but Mrs X.
The Judge noticed missing rings, because of her expensive, overseas, sun tan and other irregularities, but my Barrister did not question them.
When my accuser was required to take the stand, she would not give evidence to my face, until I was hidden from her view, behind a Witness Protection Screen and the Policeman in Dock with me, forced me to kneel on the floor of the Dock and watch proceedings on a badly tuned small color monitor, with my head on my right side, looking up at the screen lopsidedly, before the Judge, Jury and visitors at the back of the Court.
Because my accuser professed to be single and unable to have the relationship she was concealing from her “Victim Impact Statement” after my Trial and at sentencing, the DCJ said he would make an example of me as a warning to all other men who came before him – 3 years on her single identity and 3 years on the accusations to run together 3+3=6 years, which the DCJ directed the Jury to find me automatically Guilty of, because of her supposed age at the time and because I was resident in the family home at the time the offenses were said to have occurred, so I was deemed automatically Guilty – and guess what – now I have a Criminal Conviction, I cannot go overseas or to many other countries, because of the nature of my conviction and that’s called Justice and I’m a Criminal……..and…… I did my full time, until I was released free. Cost the Taxpayer roughly 4 Million to house me and punish me, all up.
If I had taken a “Treatment Program”, I could have been released much quicker, but for a person who did not exist and charges she later said never occurred, you have got to be joking!!
What happened to me, happens all of the time now. It is how it is. In some countries, your home is also automatically forfeit under the “Proceeds From Crime” Act, too.
I’ve got over it now, it’s long gone. It’s hard to maintain the hurt and dishonesty for monetary gain that occurred with me. I used to have nightmares of prison. I am on permanent anti depressive tablets for over 20 years now. I have Psoriasis on my hands and under my feet, around the heels area, which I tape up so that I can walk relatively comfortably – from stress – and I am a Diabetic where none in my family ever had Diabetes before me.
For the Compensation Commission to have that ruling about 3rd party evidence being nulled, this must happen on a frequent basis and the Law takes advantage of the innocent, to plow back their assets into the economy and keep the World Wide Credit Rating up in the triple A area…………………what other reason could there be?

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