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To: Im 20 and a girl, im confident and don’t have issues with my looks. Me: You go and see a “professional” and they will always find some sort of fault in you, whether chemical or emotional, because that is their job, what you pay them to do and what you expect to pay for – even when you have nothing wrong at all.
It does not matter if you have sex, or you don’t have sex with someone. What matters is if you are happy within yourself. Sex is no big deal, if you want to find out what it should feel like, buy a vibrator and see what it feels like and makes you feel and if you get anything out of it, then sex is not like that at all – in most sex, a male thrusts his penis into your unprepared cunt, hurting you, thrusts a few times, cums in you and then rolls over and goes to sleep satisfied, leaving you cold to your own devices.
Sex, like all skills, takes time and plenty of practice to find out what turns your body on and stimulates you so that you get to cum too – I have explained the procedure in an earlier post, so if you are interested have a look for that.
Don’t be worried or ashamed, there really is no need. You have not wanted to have sex, so you haven’t – it’s a bit like having a shit, have you done one today or not, if not don’t be worried or ashamed because of it, you just have not had the need yet. No big deal.
Most of your friends, probably have not had sex either, although they tell you they have, because they want to be in the in crowd of your peer support group rather than being seen as odd gal out. You have the courage of your convictions whereas they don’t and who wants to have a reputation of the school bicycle anyway – I certainly would not.
Hang on to your virginity and don’t be in a hurry to lose it. Save it for Mr Right, if ever he rolls up and if he does not, then you are probably a lot better off remaining single and happy. Best Wishes……………….

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