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Is there anything I can do to make this right beside to kill myself? I just feel my death would make so many people happy including my own family so many people would stand and cheer. Who am I to deny people that level of happiness? Dingdong the witch is dead let’s do this kill the beast slay this motherfucker. it’s the only way I can stop hurting people And avoid a lifetime of isolation for myself . nobody will cry at my funeral fuck no one will even show up …iMessage to make sure I’m dead. I’m tired of spending holidays alone I’m tired of superficial interaction with other people I wanna home I want people in my life that actually love me and care and that’s just not something that my disorder happen. I don’t blame you it’s just I can’t take anymore lost her drama it’s just Again and Again just made me realize that’s all my life is ever going to be unless I can learn to be happy with isolation and superficial social interaction and I’m not I want somewhere to belong I want love I want a home a family and those are just things with the way I am I can never have I’m not somebody that people can walk or want around. Please God I pray for you please let me succeed it’s time to kill the beast.

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