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To: Last year, Facebook took down 1 billion, Me: We all know the miracle of birth and how we both, you and me, won the biggest lottery of our life, but let me simplify that.
When your father fucked your mother and came in her cunt, 1 Billion, that is 1 million, million sperm were released into her cunt and they had to overcome your mothers natural defenses, so that just one sperm out of those 1 billion other sperm, made it to your mothers egg and fertilized it at just the right moment, which created you. The odds of that ever being possible ever again, is zero.
Now, as I said earlier, if you can’t touch, see, grope or fuck the person in real time, you are “talking to”, then the chances of that person being real are the same odds as the single sperm that made you……..so don’t be hooked in because you are gullible – don’t take a billion to one chance of finding love on the internet – and these people are highly skilled in sucking you in and draining you out, just like a big Mosquito, but for your money, home or anything else they can get their hands on……Best Wishes

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