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To: I am terrified I will never find work or love. Me: Realistically, you are nothing more than a number, which is designed – as we all are – to fit into an organization, to earn money, to buy the things out of life to put a roof over our heads, food in our mouths, clothes on our back and to buy the extras to say we have succeeded in life, but in reality, we are each nothing more than an individual, whose purpose is to make someone else, much further up the tree, a lot richer than we will ever be and to have a much better lifestyle than we can ever conceive.
Let me put that another way. Obama, or Trump were never on the front line killing terrorists, they always had someone “else” to do the dirty work – Navy Seals or whoever and so it is with you, us, or whoever, because that was the lifestyle we were born into.
Re: What’s a degree in mechanical engineering even worth. Me: you recon you are dumb. You should have had a look at my life. I’m reasonably intelligent, but I hated the way my parents brought me up and I did everything I could to minimalize myself by achieving nothing except being the dumbest kid in the class, wherever that happened to be and my education was beaten into me. I found my place in employment and I made good with my life and I was never the dummy my parents thought I would be– Payback for them, was a bitch. I made it so and I don’t regret the path I took for a moment.
What is a mechanical engineering degree worth. That piece of paper sets you aside from the run of the mill multitudes who have nothing and you can work in any profession where that massive skill can place you. You might not have found it yet, but it is out there and there is an employer who wants you and will pay you accordingly.
You are terrified you won’t meet anyone. Hey, get real. Looking for a suitable partner is like looking for a job. You have to go where people meet and be accepted into those communities and you have to sell yourself, so that people want to know you and be around you. We are all in the same boat. It is as hard for the other person to talk to you, as it is for you to talk to them. It takes practice like all new skills and you have to keep trying until you find the opposite to you, who fulfills your dreams. I would suggest, cooking or massage classes at the local school in the evenings (women turn up in droves and they are easy to chat up) local church, it does not matter what their faith is, you are after something else, so don’t let their religion bother you at all, Hobbies and people you meet on the bus, railway station, out and about, who you fancy enough to say hi too (talk about the weather, firestorms, general news issues that are of public interest, let people have their own opinions and don’t enforce yours over theirs) and see if they will talk some more to you. Everyone is lonely. Everyone wants someone to talk to. Personally I think dogs have got the right idea, first place they go is right between the legs – in a perfect world, that’s what we all would do.
Finally, you only have one life. It is not for very long so make the most of it because we are a long time dead and don’t make the mistake which kills you, so always be on your toes when you are out and about and can avoid a potentially dangerous situation from developing , by taking a different path. Best Wishes………………….

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