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To: I thought I had BDD but then I realized that I’m actually ugly. Me: What you think you look like is immaterial, because it is the people who look at you, who decide whether you are beautiful to them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and can take many forms, as we each have very different likes and dislikes from each other and perhaps the most important thing is for you to have a beauty from within.
Other things which always motivated me, were, good in bed, tits, legs ass, eyes, lips mouth and even feelings and willing to do things with me that were of a more explicit type of sex and 2 times I got married to women who provided me with as much as I wanted and more – until we got married and the pleasures were withdrawn and eventually stopped. I’m a male.
When you want a partner, you have to put yourself out there to get one. Nobody is going to beat a path to your door, if you are hiding behind it, because nobody can see you or know.

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