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“Homosexuality” in the animal kingdom is just a social past time during the off season when there aren’t enough suitors of the opposite sex around. Animals get horny waiting around for mating season to start. Procreating is natural & overrides even the need to feed in the animal kindgom. So get the cock out your ass & go procreate with the opposite sex just like the animals do, THEN go be gay since you’re trying pick & choose specific parts of animal kingdom to mimic, to excuse your mental condition. There isn’t a single animal that just decides to go be momogamously gay for it’s entire life from the moment of birth. LMAO. Like are you people serious? Really? Bitch where? Lol. If you put 10 straight men on an island forever & make them wait months for sex with the females on the other island, they’re just going to fuck each other. Look at prison. Either gays have a higher rate of becoming criminals or you’re little “born this way” theory is bullshit, being gay is simply a pastime and/or social trend. You know I’m right, lol. None of you homos have been able to prove you were born this way. It’s a choice, get over it. Just like Monogamy is a choice. Monogamy is extremely rare in the animal kingdom & only exists in a few species of heterosexual birds. Other than that, everyone has sex with everyone & when you see two animals of the same sex humping each other, they still go off to hump other same sex animals & STILL part ways from that same sex past time to go procreate with the opposite sex just like nature intends, during mating season. Monogamy is a choice. Homosexuality is a choice. Animals are bisexual polygamous, hardwired to procreate if anything, not homosexuals-LMAO. You guys wanna be gay So bad. Just go be gay if you CHOOSE, but stop trying to bullshit everyone with these idiotic 23 genders, bullshit “born this way” nonesense & you trans folks are just a whole nother level of mentally ill-you’re just attention who’re at most. So nice try, you chose to be gay, own it.

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