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13 dislikes in 30 minutes? Not bad, but it’s clear you people, for such a bunch of fucking freaks don’t like the truth.

That’s not even trolling that’s the truth and it’s the most logical shit shut you could ever read. I am fucking serious with what I said

But as far as the article goes, I believe it all, and with the secrecy that goes with infidelity…. It’s probably way, way worse.

The points that hit me are 2%-3% of kids are born out of infidelity and raised unknowingly by a man who is not the father … yikes. I know my parents are in fact my parents, I don’t need a parternatiy test I really see my old man and his father in me especially the old man when he was younger, but I gotta say…. I question the middle brother. He questions it too. Our parents in the picture, but I think a paternity test there would be revealing.

Also from personal experience, having to do with the point of emotional infdelity, and it being a circumstantial thing, meeting at work, I met a girl about 8 years ago at a job, I worked with her for over 2 years, and we were a team, we went through a lot of shot in various circumstances in different environments, but we really bonded. We had a thing. It was unspoken between us but it was real. I know I felt and I know she felt. It wasn’t physical, but there was a lot of touching and closeness and emotional shit. We we felt like a work couple to me. I know she felt the same too, but here’s the thing, she was with and living with a guy for 5 years at that point. Her fiance. Never met him, but her and I had a thing, until she decided to move on. She found another job. And I let her go easy. I knew it couldn’t be because of where she was, but I needed what I did get from her at the time. That was all I needed, and letting her go was a test of letting go for me. I passed with flying colors, and she did stop in a few times after. There was a point she didn’t for like 6 or 8 months, and I thought that was it, but she came back. She got married shortly after, but when she left, I had a feeling part, not all but part of the reason was because she was really starting to get attached to me. I remeber hearing her say out loud in another room “I can’t take this anymore… I can’t do this…” and I honestly don’t know what it was about. Could have been her job, could have been the fact that her boyfriend texted her that he forgot to make a jug of cool aid before work like she told him to, maybe it was us.

I also knew other girls who were with boyfriends for 5+ years, “good loyal girls” who were pretty damn close with me. They did shit that really wasn’t that bad with me, but I mean liking me, telling me I have a cute haircut, cutting me off walking and staring into my eyes, holding my hand playing with my fingers… I mean if that was my girlfriend, it’s fucking over. Emotional cheating is a thing and it can be bad.

People can really avoid that, by simply not connecting the ball and chain to your leg and putting less expectation on people. Do what you want, let them do what they want and just forget all the stupid ceremony bullshit. What a waste of fucking money time and sanity. Fuck. Imagine a the bullshit thinking and being involved in a fucking divorce, that is almost a sure thing. 50 fucking %

I’m real people. If you don’t like that, you need to stop being such a fucking snowflake

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