• 10 months ago

To: I think my mom was too harsh on me even though I was a very well behaved kid. Me:
If you move to a different Suburb, Town, or State, where nobody from your past knows you, you can pretend to be whoever you want to be seen as. After a while, pretending, becomes natural and that is how people see you as. You can change your personality, by pretending to be someone else and then you slowly become that person – once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Remember, everyone is the same as you, they had to learn to be whoever they wanted to be and how they go about that. Don’t show fear, even if you are a quaking mess inside. Don’t run away, put yourself out there and give your positive future a chance, in whoever you are pretending to be. People will see you at face value and form their own opinions based on how well you pretend to be who you are and if you don’t tell, then they won’t know, right?
It is your life and how you live it, has no bearing on the way you were brought up, only how you present yourself and want to be seen. Man or Mouse, Woman or Mouse?
I know first hand, because I was like all of you nervous types and this is what I had to do to become who I am now. Everyone does, it is just how we approch things which has to change. OK………

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