• 10 months ago

To: My gynecologist found many fibroids in my uterus. Me: Calm Down!! Fibroids in Women are as normal as breathing. Fibroids are not babies. You are not pregnant. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
There is a lot of stuff on Google. Put fibroids+uterus in Google Search and hit return:
Follow the links and read up on whatever you want to know. You can cut and paste sections of each text into your computer and save them – I use a Word Processor and then you can print them out and read them as often as you need to, for your state of mind.
It Is normal for women to have fibroids. It has nothing to do with sex or that you are a virgin. Best way to check your virginity is to spread your legs open, use a hand held mirror, spread your inner lips apart and have a look in your vagina opening.
There might be a skin covering with a small hole in the middle. If you put your finger in you will meet with resistance, that is your virginity. If you put your finger in and it goes in unaided you probably have lost your virginity and this can be caused by athletics, using a Tampon or other unrelated causes, so don’t worry about that.
If you have no memory of having sex, then you won’t have done, because you will know when you have sex, it is an unforgettable experience, especially for a woman and losing your virginity might have a little blood loss (very little). I hope your first experience is as enjoyable as it should be, for you……………..a friend

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