• 10 months ago

To: I met a guy called Colbee and we hit it off straight away. Me: It seems to me he is hooked on you. He probably has never met anyone quite like you and that obviously turns him on. I am so happy you feel so positive about a relationship with him. I give you full marks for making him wait and finding out what sort of a person he is. Your background can have nothing to do with who you are now, it is you he wants, not who you were, but who you could be and with him. It does not matter the age difference between you, my last wife was 5 years younger than me and the female I was with for several years was 14 years younger than me and speaking as a male, that was one hell of a turn on, along with her having an insatiable sexual appetite, which is always a big plus.
My advice to you is to continue to take things slowly. Don’t rush him. Let him come to you on your terms and don’t push him for a long term relationship, let him work for it and make him think that it was all his idea – men are so gullible – just put the idea there and let it take seed and shoot in his mind and then act surprised and overjoyed, afterwards.
Be aware he might want some kinky sex, so be prepared for that and don’t put him off – just take things slowly and allow yourself to accommodate him, without hurting yourself in the process.
I am sure you are on a winner and after 5 years, you deserve the best of everything and you have my vote for a successful outcome. It is perhaps a good indication, that him coming from a wealthy family, you won’t have to graft to make a living and hopefully he will have the lifestyle that everyone wants, but few get.
You might find out what he does for a living, as I’m sure he will tell you and where he lives and if you can get his name and surname, check his name out on Google and separately, with his given suburb, where he lives and see if he has any Criminal Convictions and if so, what for, before you get too smitten, so that you cover all of your bases as much as possible, before you commit, just in case he is too good to be true……..Lucky fella………a friend

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