• 11 months ago

Sorry but placing limitations on legal immigration & departing illegals will not help white population decline. You people are in denial & lack the common sense need. You whites are just simply very old. The white median age is nearly 60. You people wait until 45 to have 1 child & them your offspring is barren bc youve passed down 45 year old genes. Also, more whites died than where born in 26 stages. That’s just fucking ridiculous. Ever the niggers shooting each other are oitliving you people. Lol. Several states are now minority white bc you’re too genetically decrepit to effectively inseminate, nor can your women hardly carry a healthy pregnancy. It’s not Hezues’ fault, Toby. Even with the thousands of dollars that white women are paying to birth 9 babies at once, whites still cannot manage to increase the replacement rate. That is so fucking sad. This is occuring in every white country worldwide. “Minority” children under 10 are NOW the fucking majority over white children over 10. Lol you motherfuckers are motherfucking doomed.

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