• 11 months ago

I have fought my entire life to not have the fundamental belief system I am stuck with. The words to say this are in part thanks to the confession from a black woman about black men going for white women. Before you think it, nope, not an incel, been shockingly successful bedding women despite my below average looks. Was married over 25 years, and am married to an amazing woman now and love her with all I am/have. This is coming from a white male, who is bashing white women.

That being said, when it comes to relationships, white women lie, cheat, steal, and are total manipulators, utterly selfish and self deluding, and while they do it in and out of bed, they are far worse about it when it comes to getting dick. Yes, men can be pigs. But at least men are usually only pigs when it comes to their dick. White women do it for the sheer spite of it. Their need to self validate by treating both genders that way is profoundly appalling.

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