• 11 months ago

One of my favorite pastimes now is logging on to international chat sites, finding Venezuelan women, and convincing them to strip on cam for a few bucks. This week I’ve been talking with a gorgeous 23-year-old Venezuelan office worker. She needs insulin twice per month, but she can only afford it once per month. It’s $15. That’s it, but that’s more than she can afford. I told her that if she’d send me a video of her stripping at work every day for one week, I’d send her $50. She did. Every morning, when she got to work, she went into the bathroom, set up her camera, and recorded herself stripping out of her office clothes, then emailed me the video. I bought a Visa gift card for $50 and sent her the numbers from it, so it’s anonymous. She has no idea who I really am, but she thinks of me as her “rich American sugar daddy” now. I’ve asked her what she’d do for $50 more, and she’s agreed to do anything I want, from ass-fucking herself to getting her equally-gorgeous coworker to strip too, to them spanking each other… anything.
There’s nothing sexier than a desperate Latina who thinks $50 is a lot of money, and will do anything for it.

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