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I hate my husband. And I don’t know what’s worse trying to sleep beside him. The fact that he has zero respect for me or his snoring. He lets his son (who is grown) get away with everything. And always has. That’s why my stepson is a disgusting pig who doesn’t use hygiene and thinks a pool is his personal bathtub. He makes me sick. And he is rude to our daughter which husband is blind to as well. I have caught him and he tries to act all innocent. No woman in her right mind would put up with this shit. The only reason is our daughter. That’s why I’m still here. Keeping her home clean. When she starts school I will go full time and buy her a beautiful home and get out of this cracker box that her and I do not like. So good luck finding another woman who will be a maid to the both of you. Congratulations on showing her how big of a damn loser you both are. She will see trust me. She already does. Your father hates you I’m sure for the same reason. He’s sick of y’all’s shit too. You’re both stupid ignorant assholes who run off of pity. I hate you both. And by the way whatever porn you’re watching at night or whoever you’re talking to whenever you “set your alarms” in the middle of the night deserves you and him to the fullest extent. Neither of you will ever be truly happy. I cannot wait for the day I can pack my stuff and close the door behind me. The day I have nothing holding me here. It maybe sooner. I hate your guts you bipolar soul sucking detention officer. You deserve the loneliness you so much loathe for you cheating pity seeking mother fucker. You and your ignorant son. You should have dropped him off on her door step so he could have his drug fueled mother then he would’ve appreciated the love your mother put into him. I feel so bad for her. She puts up with the same shit. Just as she says he’s a hindrance more than a help. And you will both never sadly amount to anything. I only wished you would had at least for our daughter. But it will never happen. I will give her a beautiful home she so much deserves. I cannot wait to write my hands clean of you and that fat slob who only wants to suck off of the government.

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