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i’ve confessed multiple times on here over the past year or so. and a lot has happened since my first confession. a little side note.. i’m a 17 year old female who has been struggling with an eating disorder and severe anxiety. but i’ve overcome my negative eating habits and just last week i got anxiety medication. and it’s helped out a lot. my mind has calmed down to where my thoughts aren’t running 24/7 which was my main problem. i was constantly comparing myself and bringing myself down. but in just a week i’ve seen improvements. idk. i feel like this whole website is messed up. people posting horrible things that are meant to be rude, and aren’t even confessions. i guess that’s what your gunna get when it’s all anonymous. some things i’ve been recently stressed over are what i’m doing after high school considering i’m going into my senior year. i want to move to the city and be in an apartment and make something of myself. but it’s so expensive there i don’t see that happening because of how much work has a negative impact on me. maybe it’s just the location i’m at now and that i’ve been there for over a year. i don’t know. and my boyfriend doesn’t really want to work either and i would like to have someone in life as a partner who wants the same goals that i do. today is our 8 month anniversary and i know it’s still early but i feel attached way more than i should be. i’m so young yet i’m stressed to the max and i know fully that there is so many more people who have it worse than i do, but this is my current situation that i’m in. i know whoever reads this is probably confused because i’m just throwing out thoughts but i’ve kept a lot of things bottled in. i have a 3.6 gpa and i passed junior year with four A’s and only two B’s. could be better, i know fully, but this is the best i’ve done ever with my schooling. but my s.a.t scores were incredibly low and that makes me scared that i won’t be accepted into the schools i want. and even if i’m accepted, i’m terrified to have tons of student debt to pay off. as you can tell, i’m all over the place. i’ll just stop it here. -s

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