• 11 months ago

So recently there was an incident in my area where a coyote jumped on a child, and it was caught on surveillance. Now I just stumbled upon some bullshit about “they’re the residents of our wildlands, we took their homes” like they some damn native americans being all oppressed and shit. Nah. Fuck that fam. I don’t give no fucks about how many “cubs” they tryna feed, what you ain’t gonna do is threaten MY kids and MY dogs in the process. I don’t give no fucks if any damn coyotes used to live in my town, bitch you ain’t live there now! You’re not welcome no more. And if you get in proximity of my house where my young kids and small dogs be at, it’s ON SIGHT. Straight lead in the dome. PERIODT. Fuck yall tree huggers.

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