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I am attracted to escorts. I don’t understand pedophiles. That’s just not attractive, but I really like escorts. I wish I could afford to fuck them all. I have had several of them all races and most of them tell me I have a nice fat cock. My wife of 25 years is loose I guess from all those years of sex, it just wore out. I always go for smaller women. Petite women with smaller frames always have tighter pussy. Asian women are the best. I really love to eat them out. If they don’t allow me to, it’s a deal breaker. I like it when they enjoy what I am doing to them too. I wish I was friends with an escort. I would love to know one better, yes I would probably pay her for sex every now and then, but I would like to be close friends with her and see what the lifestyle is like. See how it is seen from her side. When I watch porn, I usually watch escort hook ups. I really love escorts. Maybe it’s because they pretend to like me when we are doing business.

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