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I’m obsessed with pedophiles. When I was a kid, a pedophile showed me a picture of baby rape and traumatized me. Ever since, I’ve been trying to understand why they’re that way and how to fix or trap them. I think about going on the local sex offender registry and seeking out local pedophiles and murdering them a lot. I would if I thought I could get away with it. I would kill so many. But I feel like I’d get caught and throwing my life away for a child molester doesn’t make sense to me. It’s only one person. It doesn’t truly change anything. Maybe I will kill as many as I can in one night. That might be worth it. Just shoot them all. I would like to have a career helping sexually abused kids, but I absolutely know for a fact that I will kill pedophiles. I am completely certain. If I ever kill myself..I’m bipolar..I will definitely kill as many as possible. If you touch children you are honestly just as bad as Hitler. You really are. He killed bodies. You kill souls. I hope I hurt them. I really want to hurt them all. It would be my greatest happiness to see a child rapist suffer.

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  • The problem is we live in a world governed by laws and thats why these people get away with it. You see for everyone of those pedophiles another one is born who will adopt the mind set as they grow up. Think of it as a fire that never gets to be extinguished. A more realistic solution is to lead and convince groups of people that the same assholes who made up the laws protecting the civil rights of pedophiles should make a laws that will automatically send them to the chair. Why do we only send murderers to the chair? Anyone who changes the life of an innocent child should be charge just like a murderer because of the dramatic impact it causes them. See, this will assure that all of the convicted pedophiles now and in the future are put to sleep. One day of ravage isn’t doing anything but destroying your own life. Make sense?

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 11:34 am Reply
  • You should be a pedophile detective were your main goal is to catch them. That’s a thing I just don’t know what it’s called. You could see them put in jail for a long time a a lot of the time for life

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 2:25 pm Reply
  • I followed your path further, there is no catharsis or relief, and the very real possibility of being caught, mistaken for one of them in your pursuit, or even dying yourself. I had a brush with calamity, and nearly lost everything, for no sense of peace or justice. I can’t tell you what to do, but going down that road has nothing but pain and further trauma.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 4:38 pm Reply
  • Vigilante isn’t a viable career path. Law enforcement is. So is politics to a lesser degree. If you become someone who writes laws they can include capital punishment or life in prison for pedophiles. I favor the second option myself.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 5:26 pm Reply

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