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The owner of this site is its biggest troll. All those breed your backsnatch, MAGA, fat shamming, pedophilia, and incest posts we see repeated on here everyday is the owner of Simply Confess…

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  • Fat shaming is a thing everyone should do, lose weight to have a healthier body.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 7:11 pm Reply
    • except they kill themselves instead of losing weight. retard.

      Anonymous April 15, 2019 8:40 pm Reply
  • Oh look, a snowflake as aforementioned. Thinks she’s so smart for deficating conspiracy theories when really she’s as thick as a crud- filled sarcophagus.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 7:12 pm Reply
    • I too have watched copious amounts of Richard and Mortimer.

      Anonymous April 15, 2019 8:40 pm Reply
  • You say you obtained this information by listening to the voices in your head?

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 7:48 pm Reply
  • “Breed your backsnatch”, hahaha I’m Corvallus, I definitely do not own this shit. I’m just a loud and proud middle aged man living and working in Orlando, Florida. After many years otherwise, I’m very comfortable being me and hope other people can be comfortable in their own skin, whatever it is. Love being you, I know I do! And for the haters, you just make me stronger.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 8:15 pm Reply
    • You must feel super strong right now. Stop posting here. You are sick and sickening.

      Anonymous April 15, 2019 9:02 pm Reply
      • Stfu shit for brain.

        Anonymous April 15, 2019 9:36 pm Reply
      • Learn tolerance pal, I don’t complain when I have to read about leaking vaginas and guys beating off to their little sisters. Im just into good old fashioned wholesome rectum reaming.

        Anonymous April 15, 2019 11:35 pm Reply
  • Is someone theorizing again? Quick, get the tinfoil hats!

    Anonymous April 16, 2019 3:25 pm Reply

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