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Rape is the worst crime. I consider it worse than murder. To take advantage of someone like that, and to do that (I cant even explain why I’m disgusted and what they do that disgust me, I’m too disgusted) is a sin, and i know they’ll all burn in hell for that. I’ve never been in a situation anything like sexual assault in my life; never even been threatened with it. However, every time I am confronted with the idea, I become nauseated. I can almost imagine the feeling, and its fucking horrible. It makes me wants to tear my skin off. It makes me want to puke up everything in my stomach, and then my stomach, and all of my organs in quick succession of each other. It makes me want to grab onto my body, sink my nails into my flesh and tear out chunks of meat until I’m a breathless, twitching pile of gore, soaking in my own blood and tears. I cant imagine how it must be for people that have experienced it. I’m sorry, it’s just so fucking putrid. Nobody deserves that.

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  • You have just had that thought drilled into you by the current political bent of the media and its just what everybody talks about. Its not even in the top 10 worst things you could do to somebody but its pushed like a freight train by politicians because they think that’s what people want to hear about so the media repeats it ad nosium. And a great number of people have rape fantasies, its a power fantasy like any other and it is one of the most common fantasies women gush over. The strong man determined in his overwhelming lust can’t help himself at just the thought of you. Strong and assertive, very unlike the soyboys of today who most women scoff at but the preach that all men should be like that openly.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 10:16 am Reply
    • No, talk to any rape victim and they will tell you that what happened to them was hellish. It runs lives, reaps trauma and forces the person to bare that trauma for the rest of their lives. Murder would be more merciful. Just because some people have paraphilias doesnt mean a crime isnt fucking horrifying. Get a grip and stop excusing this revolting act of abuse. -Original Poster

      Anonymous April 15, 2019 8:15 pm Reply

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